Providing the highest level of financial advice and guidance to you and your family requires a very orderly approach. Here is how we go about establishing a professional relationship, providing financial guidance and serving you throughout the years. It involves a number of steps, but we believe it is time well spent – because it can enhance the quality of outcomes by addressing the situations that impact your financial life.

Our First Meeting
Getting acquainted
In our first meeting, you will have the opportunity to share your personal views and objectives about your financial situation.

We will seek to understand more about you and focus on your circumstances, ambitions, and expectations for a relationship with McGee Wealth Management. We will explain our firm’s capabilities and processes, and determine which of our services would best fit your needs. This meeting is casual and free of charge, and we invite you to ask questions throughout our discussion. Should you feel that we are not the best fit for you, you are under no obligation to pursue a relationship with us.

Client Onboarding
Establish a working relationship
Once you’ve decided to become our client we will meet to establish a formal relationship and to acquire permission to communicate with your other advisors, such as your CPA and attorney.

During onboarding, we will provide you with a checklist of the information we will need to initiate the planning process. Between this Onboarding meeting and the Discovery meeting, we will assist you in collecting this information and transcribe it into the format we use for our unique process.

Discovery Meeting
Gain a thorough understanding of your circumstances
In this meeting we will have a more in-depth discussion of your specific objectives and the circumstances that affect them.

With a focus on financial information, family dynamics and your goals, we will work together to set specific, measurable targets and discuss the potential timelines for meeting those goals. We will verify the data we have received and recorded.

In our planning process, we utilize The McGee Wealth Management (MWM) System, a comprehensive financial planning tool. The MWM System allows 24/7 access to aggregated financial data and reports and can be accessed by you at any time. You will always be connected and “in the know.”

Wealth Management & Planning Meetings
Provide on-demand, real-time, customized financial planning
In our first year together, we will prioritize your wealth management needs (cash flow, investments, retirement, etc.) and set your plan into motion.

Once your initial plan is complete, we’ll take a deeper dive into specialty areas of financial planning such as estate planning, insurance, long-term care, and business succession, as well as tracking and adjusting your financial scenarios and goals.

Investment Planning & Asset Allocation
Present investment strategies and customized objectives
In this step, we will discuss your risk tolerance and investment objectives, and prepare your Investment Policy Statement, which will guide us in making our initial investment recommendations.

You will receive recommendations in writing with full disclosures and explanations about how they may help you reach your short-term and long-term goals.

Investment Review Meeting
To measure portfolio performance results and keep clients informed
Clients with portfolios in excess of $500,000 meet with their advisor semiannually, while those with more complex issues may meet quarterly.

All clients should meet for investment reviews either in person, by phone, or live video streaming no less than once annually. We provide the option of using Skype video conferencing for client who wish to meet via web. Electronic communication is available online daily for information on their investment holdings and financial planning reports. We provide individual performance reporting on an internal rate of return basis. Performance returns are net of fees and cash flows. In addition, you will receive asset allocation and detailed portfolio analysis. In the investment review meetings, we review your investment portfolios, check your progress on accumulation or withdrawals, and rebalance the portfolios if necessary.

Roadmap Review
Re-visiting your roadmap to reflect changes in your life
The roadmap serves as guideposts on your journey to pursuing your goals and financial independence, so naturally it needs to be updated as your life evolves and your personal priorities and circumstances change.

Once a year, we will look at your current roadmap and make our recommendations for revising it – to help keep you on track. Additionally, consultations can occur at any time there is a need to refocus – we are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Between Meetings
Provide an exemplary client experience
You will have 24/7 online access to your accounts and receive monthly statements from Raymond James.

In addition, you will receive portfolio performance review statements from McGee Wealth Management. We hold client education seminars and special events throughout the year that you and your family are invited to attend – and, of course, you can always call or email us or request a meeting anytime you feel you need more guidance or information.

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